Technology Platform


The leadership team at Harbert Lease Solutions made the decision to partner with an industry-leading software developer in order to augment our lease administration service offering. This was a great decision for our clients because the pass-through benefits are enormous! Best of all, we’ve absorbed the cost so you won’t have to. The end result is we deliver a state-of-the-art technology package implemented by our highly trained team to produce superior lease admin results you can count on. We’ll help you work more efficiently, maintain a firm grasp on portfolio details leading to improved workflow and reduced operating costs.

  • Secure access to your information 24/7/365 – worldwide

  • Web based and user friendly

  • Tracks critical dates, lease terms, expenses and revenues

  • Specific units of measure and currency ($, pounds, lira, yen, etc)

  • Standard and customized reporting

  • Financial reporting, which can be interfaced with accounting systems

  • Automatic critical date reminder notifications sent via e-mail to clients’ team

  • Attach lease documents, as well as, search any lease document using OCR (optical character recognition) technology