Our Process


Accurate portfolio management is critical to the financial well being of any company. A missed renewal date, not having information centralized, or not knowing where to find critical lease details can be frustrating and costly. Harbert Lease Solutions can provide the expertise, resources and leadership needed to manage your lease portfolio. We can work alongside your existing real estate team or step in to provide a comprehensive lease administration solution.


  • Our service is process-driven and proven to deliver accurate results.

  • Information and data is verified and reviewed at multiple levels.

  • Our people are specialized in the legal, real estate and accounting disciplines.

  • Clients have a single point-of-contact.

  • Our employees are organized around a team structure that pervades our process.

  • Best in class service and performance on every aspect of our clients’ portfolio have produced historically high client loyalty.


Let’s talk about your lease administration needs and how Harbert Lease Solutions can provide cost-efficient, long-term solutions to support your company growth and development.



Portfolio Management

Harbert Lease Solutions is the smart choice for your back-office real estate management needs.  We work with the day-to-day lease administration and maintenance of granular details related to each lease within the portfolio. We keep pace throughout the entire real estate life cycle by employing best practices and making available the most current information. Through a series of Standard or AdHoc reports and dashboards, your team can quickly view significant data related to a single location or a more comprehensive system-wide review.

Real Estate Accounting

We can manage the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable obligations of your portfolio. We can also assist with Cost Avoidance reporting, Budgeting – Schedule Lease Obligations, Straight-Line Calculations 1099 Reporting. Centralized accounting allows for up-to-date financial reporting, adherence to regulations such as 10k reporting, deferred rent liabilities, future obligation statements, FASB 13 requirements and subsequent obligations.