Lease Audit


Lease auditing, referred to as a Common Area Maintenance “CAM” audit or an Operating Expense Audit (for office) is a systematic review of lease obligations, supporting documents and fees charged by a landlord, developer or any third-party vendor. The audit process compares charges levied against charges agreed to within the lease agreement. Many times companies are overcharged without ever finding out about the error.

We can help!

The audit process can be done from our offices (desk-top audit) or conducted as a “field audit.” In many cases, a full audit may require a combination of both a desk top and in-field effort.  Invoices, correspondence and other third-party data is included in the audit process to determine whether charges were justified. While we routinely review data as part of a monthly lease administration process; a comprehensive CAM or OEA audit can take several months to complete. Oftentimes interaction and negotiations with landlords and third-party vendors is involved.

  • A full-scale audit is done on a contingent fee agreement, based on a percentage of funds identified as recoverable.
  • Harbert Lease Solutions can conduct an audit as a stand-alone project. So even if we’re not your lease administration provider, we can perform an audit for you.