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Accurate portfolio management is critical to the financial well being of any company. A missed renewal date, not having information centralized, or not knowing where to find critical lease details can be frustrating and costly. Harbert Lease Solutions can provide the expertise, resources and leadership needed to manage your lease portfolio. We can work alongside your existing real estate team or step in to provide a comprehensive lease administration solution.

Let’s talk about your lease administration needs and how Harbert Lease Solutions can provide cost-efficient, long-term solutions to support your company growth and development.

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Technology Platform

The leadership team at Harbert Lease Solutions made the decision to partner with an industry-leading software developer in order to augment our lease administration service offering. This was a great decision for our clients because the pass-through benefits are enormous! Best of all, we’ve absorbed the cost so you won’t have to. The end result is we deliver a state-of-the-art technology package implemented by our highly trained team to produce superior lease admin results you can count on.

We’ll help you work more efficiently, maintain a firm grasp on portfolio details leading to improved workflow and reduced operating costs.

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Lease Administration

Decision-makers know that relying on manual processes to manipulate volumes of data can result in costly errors and missed opportunities. Top executives need critical data handled in an expeditious and secure manner giving them the ability to meet pressing obligations and the confidence to make fact-based decisions in a moment’s notice. They need an affordable alternative to building and maintaining a large staff and investing in expensive software to manage lease data.

Harbert Lease Solutions provides an effective alternative to the high cost of developing and maintaining an in-house lease administration team. Let us show you how we can provide a secure centralized repository for all your lease and supporting data. Easily accessible programs and systems leading to enhanced portfolio insight reduced operating costs and vastly improved data integrity.

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Lease Audit

Lease auditing, referred to as a Common Area Maintenance “CAM” audit or an Operating Expense Audit (for office) is a systematic review of lease obligations, supporting documents and fees charged by a landlord, developer or third-party vendors. Many times companies are overcharged without ever finding out about the error. Our job is to identify those errors and misapplied expenses.

Working on a project-basis or as part of an on going comprehensive program, Harbert Lease Solutions can identify and document errors leading to costly over payments. Our audit fee is contingency based on amounts we identify as recoverable. So let’s get started!

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